Coronavirus and Shooting Sports: GASRPC Update Thursday 2nd April 2020

Your GASRPC Executive Team continue to monitor County Police, National Governing Body and relevant UK Associations for advice on what is and is not legal or acceptable with regards to our sport in the UK. Government guidance around staying at home, non-essential travel and social distancing is also well summarised at

If members have any doubts, the key websites worth visiting are: - Lord Roberts Centre and West Midlands Shooting Centre are closed. - All Bisley range bookings have been cancelled until Mon 13th April. - Essential pest control and recreational shooting advice updated. - All CPSA Registered Fixtures cancelled. Ian Coley Sporting and Barbury Sporting are closed - We are told that: “…we have had a few calls regarding ‘can I go out and shoot’ as it’s confusing as to what is allowed. Nothing hard and official but if shooting is for pest control and shooters use social distancing and following all the other guidelines then this is fine. Anything purely recreational is a no.”

The County Association continues to appeal to its membership to protect themselves and others by staying at home and to not meet others, even friends or family. Our GASRPC range at Sneedham’s Green remains closed, but under review, simply to help underpin the guidance and directives in place at National and County level. We doubt very much that Gloucestershire constabulary will accept travel to the range as ‘essential’…

Stay well.
Paul Balmer, GASRPC Chair.


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